Do you know which diet plans are best for 2014?

If you’ve made the decision to lose weight and get fit for a healthier lifestyle, then you want to make sure that you pick a diet that’s suited to you and any health needs you might have.

You don’t have to look at fad or extreme diets if you want to lose weight. There are several diet plans that are healthy and offer a long-term success rate. Because they’re not fad diets or extreme diets, you’ll find it easier to stick with these and not give up.

DASH is one of those diets. With the DASH diet, you get a ton of health benefits including lowering your blood pressure and reducing your risk of strokes and heart attacks.

The diet teaches users how to eat foods based on portion sizes. It also has an emphasis on making sure that you’re getting the nutrients that you need to be healthy. You’ll be eating foods like fruits and vegetables, grains, lean meats and low-fat dairy.

One of the reasons this diet works for many people is because you don’t have to avoid sweets. You’re allowed to have sweet treats in moderation. The Mediterranean diet is another diet that people have used to get fit.

On this diet, you’ll be eating foods the way that people in the Mediterranean area of the world eat. This is a diet that’s good for your heart. You’ll be eating foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meats and switching from saturated fats to low, heart healthy fats like olive oil. You’re also allowed to have red wine on this eating plan.

You may also like the Paleo diet. It’s also called the Caveman diet. On this diet, you’ll avoid refined sugar, some grains and any processed foods. The emphasis is on natural foods. You’ll eat lean meats, fruit and vegetables and heart healthy oils. This way of eating can help give you clear skin, lower your blood pressure and help to prevent heart disease.

Weight Watchers is a diet that lets you eat any food that you want to eat as long as you use a point system. You learn to eat in moderation and you learn not to associate any food as being forbidden.

That helps many dieters to find success knowing that if they want a certain food, they can have it. It teachers users that making choices of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as lean meats and heart healthy grains will help them feel fuller and be healthier. There are online or group meetings for support and encouragement.

Like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig teaches portion control. But unlike Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig has the foods already measured out for you in their packages. This is a great plan for emotional eaters. The foods are packaged so that you’re getting all the nutrients you need for a healthy lifestyle.

Some people like a vegetarian diet. With this way of eating, you can choose which way you want to eat as a vegetarian. Some of the diets include some dairy such as eggs while other vegetarian diets don’t. You can also use the flexitarian way of vegetarian eating so it’s not a fulltime effort.

This allows you to have meat to eat when you want to. Because the focus of a vegetarian diet is on fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s a healthy diet that’s good for your heart and can help keep diabetes at bay or lower your glucose if you do have diabetes.

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