The Art Of Healthy Eating

Lose one pound a week

It does not matter if you are trying to Lose one pound a week or simply trying to achieve optimal health you need to understand the art of healthy eating. Learning to eat appropriately will help you obtain maximum nutritional benefit from the foods you consume, boost your metabolism and achieve healthy weight loss.

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The Art Of Healthy Eating

Lose one pound a week

How To Eat Out Healthy When You Are On A Budget

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How To Eat Healthy During The Holidays

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The holidays are upon us and how to eat healthy during the holidays is a big question of many. It may seem impossible to anyone on a weight loss program.

Eating healthy during the holidays seems like an impossible challenge. There are so many delicious treats, parties, shopping marathons in malls filled with tantalizing scents, gift baskets filled with exotic cheese and meat, rich egg nog, family dinners with platters overflowing with fattening foods – who can stick to a healthy eating plan with all of those temptations?

Most people don’t even try. They say, “I’ll just start my diet fresh in the New Year,” and then proceed to stuff themselves with food non-stop from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day. No wonder people usually gain weight during the holiday season!

It doesn’t have to be that way for you. If you’d like to create a healthier balance between enjoying the holidays and still keeping your weight down (or even losing a few pounds), check out the easy tips below:

#1 – What You Do “Most Days” Counts

When you consider that there are only a handful of days during the holiday season when you are attending family dinners or parties, it becomes clear that you don’t have to overindulge on “most days”. (You don’t have to overindulge at all, but we’ll get to that in a moment.)

You can decide to eat healthy on “most days” unless you are attending a party or other holiday event, and only during those functions give yourself permission to enjoy a few favorite foods. The rest of the time, stick to small and healthy balanced meals.

#2 – Re-define “Indulge”

Do you think of the holidays as a license to stuff yourself to the point of discomfort? Do you eat so much during holiday dinners that you couldn’t possibly fit another bite if food into your stomach? This isn’t indulging, it’s overindulging, and it’s a good way to gain a few pounds (or more than a few).

Rather than stuffing yourself, you can easily still enjoy holiday meals while eating smaller servings of old favorites and balancing them with larger portions of healthier foods like salads and other vegetables.

#3 – Bring Your Own

When you attend family dinners and holiday parties, why not offer to bring something? You can whip up some healthy, yet still delicious, favorites. In fact, don’t be surprised if several other people at the gatherings are thrilled to have some healthier options too!

It’s definitely not hard to keep your eating in balance during the holiday season. With a bit of planning and common sense, you can still enjoy some of your favorite foods while keeping your weight down or even losing a few pounds if you want to.

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Healthy Eating Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

During the holiday season we all need healthy eating tips to avoid holiday weight gain.  Many people are tempted to ditch their diet and start fresh in the New Year.  It’s no surprise; after all, who can stick to a diet when faced with so many temptations?  Dumping your diet completely is never a good idea, simply because it’s all too easy to gain several pounds and add that much more stress to your New Year Diet Resolution.

Instead, you may be interested in learning about a very simple trick that can help you avoid holiday weight gain by not overeating during the holiday season. This will still allow you to eat and enjoy yourself.  Read on for one of the most powerful holiday eating tips to keep you on track:

If you had to guess the number-one thing that makes people gain weight during the holiday season, what would you say?  Eating too many goodies?  Drinking too much eggnog and liquor?  Eating too much candy?  Eating big meals loaded with fat and calories?  All of these would be correct answers, but they all boil down to one thing: eating more food than your body really needs.

Here’s the powerful holiday eating tip that can help you avoid doing this:  THINK BEFORE YOU EAT SOMETHING.  “Mindless eating” (and drinking) is the number-one reason why people gain weight during the holidays.  It’s not because they had one slice of pie after dinner.  It’s because they eat practically non-stop between Thanksgiving and New Year.  A handful of candy here, a turkey drumstick there, 4 cups of spiked eggnog here, a plate full of cookies there…

Nip this habit in the bud and you will conquer your holiday weight-gain habit.  Before you put anything into your mouth, pause and ask yourself, “Am I really hungry right now?  Do I need to eat this?”  If the answer is yes, go ahead and have a modest portion.  If the answer is no, don’t eat it. 

If this makes you feel deprived, consider that you can have something to eat later when you feel hungry.  Saying “no thanks” doesn’t have to mean forever, just for the moment.

Believe it or not, just mastering this one little technique can help you effortlessly keep your weight under control while also allowing you to enjoy a few choice treats throughout the season.  

Try this simple healthy eating tip for avoiding holiday weight gain as well as weight gain throughout the year.

Healthy Eating Tips

The term “healthy eating” often makes people think about deprivation and boredom, but it certainly doesn’t have to be that way. Take a look below at 10 tips for healthy eating that will tantalize your taste buds AND contribute to a strong, lean body:

Healthy Eating Tip #1 – Better Quality Foods

Healthy eating is really all about choosing foods that give the most nutritional value possible. That means limiting sugary, fatty, processed foods and gravitating toward whole, organic, nutrient-rich foods.

Healthy Eating Tip #2 – Better Quality, Less Quantity

Improving the quality of the foods you eat will make you realize that you really don’t need to eat a lot of calories each day to feel fully satisfied. Nutrient-rich, high fiber foods keep you feeling full and satisfied long after you eat them, so you need to eat less.

Healthy Eating Tip #3 – Healthy Drinking

Drinking plenty of water is one of the most important components of a healthy eating plan, hydrating the body and helping all organs and muscles function better. Drinking plenty of water gives you more energy, better health, reduced appetite, clearer thoughts, and so much more.

Healthy Eating Tip #4 – Supplement Vitamins and Minerals

Even if you follow a healthy eating plan, it’s a good idea to take high quality vitamin and mineral supplements to help fill in gaps that your diet may not fill. Few of us have “perfect” eating habits, and even if we did, sometimes the foods available to us may be lacking in nutrients due to poor soil conditions, pesticide usage, and other things beyond our control. Good choices for supplements include a multi-vitamin (with or without iron, depending on your personal needs), a calcium and mineral complex that includes magnesium and vitamin D, a B-complex vitamin, and perhaps fish oil or flax seed oil for added omega-3 fatty acids if your diet doesn’t include enough of them.

Healthy Eating Tip #5 – Eliminate Mindless Munching

Not only is it important to improve the quality of foods you eat, but also to regulate how often and how much you eat. If you are in the habit of munching mindlessly just because you are bored or restless, that’s a good habit to break immediately because you’re probably taking in many more calories than your body really needs. In addition, reducing the portion sizes in meals is a good idea. When you avoid overloading your stomach with mass quantities of food, you just feel better and enjoy more energy and avoid that sluggish, too-full feeling.

Healthy Eating Tip #6 – The Right Kind of Sweets

White, refined sugar has a detrimental effect on your body, creating drastic spikes and dips in your blood glucose levels, stimulating hunger, and depleting your body of important nutrients. But you don’t have to deprive your sweet tooth. Include plenty of fresh fruit in your diet and if you must use sweeteners, choose those that are better for you, like stevia and agave nectar. After just a few days of doing this, you’ll notice that your cravings for white sugar have decreased dramatically.

Healthy Eating Tip #7 – Fill Your Plate with Color

The most colorful foods are the ones with the most nutrients, like butter yellow bananas, ruby red tomatoes, bright green bell peppers, dark green lettuce and spinach, dusky orange sweet potatoes and yams, deep purple grapes – just take a look at the produce section of your local market and you’ll realize just how many colorful foods can supply great nutrients for your body.

Healthy Eating Tip #8 – Add Plenty of Flavor

As delicious as these colorful foods can be, you can also spice them up further by adding your choice of spices, herbs, seasonings, and sauces. Flavorful options are hot sauces (or actual hot peppers if you prefer), dill, olives, mustard, capers, curry, garlic, onion, ginger, cinnamon, tumeric, paprika. You can also keep some bullion cubes on hand for adding flavor to vegetables, grains, soups, and meat dishes.

Healthy Eating Tip #9 – Savor Every Bite

Slow down, take your time and enjoy your meals! When you gulp your food down you barely taste it and your stomach doesn’t have a chance to signal that it’s full. As a result you end up eating more than you need to and feeling like you still want more. When you eat slowly and focus on enjoying each bite, you will eat less and feel more satisfied afterward.

Healthy Eating Tip #10 – Balance

Healthy eating isn’t about depriving yourself. Strive for balance in your eating habits, including plenty of foods that nourish your body, but also allowing a little room for special treats. Everything in moderation helps you enjoy the best of both worlds, a body that is healthy and happy.

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