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If you are serious about losing one pound per week then it is important to understand how to chose the right home exercise equipment.

Your choices will depend on your ultimate weight loss goals, your budget, room available for equipment and the type of exercises you plan to do.

To achieve proper fitness and health it is important to make cardiovascular exercise a part of your exercise regimen. Cardiovascular exercise increases overall health, boosts the immune system, reduces the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and some cancers, and helps you to shed excess weight.

The following are the basic cardiovascular equipment available for use in your home:

Although treadmills can traditionally take up a lot of room thanks to the long running track, home treadmills are available that will fold flat for easy storage. It is possible to pay from a few hundred dollars to $2000 or more for a home treadmill; choosing the right model for you is a matter of personal preference. Some machines come complete with an incline function to simulate running uphill, and others come with a range of workout options for specific routines such as fat burning, interval training, hill training and more. You will need to make sure that the machine you choose will fit into the space you have available, and that it will be sturdy enough to meet your needs. Think about what you will be using it for, and make sure that it will support your workout goals. If you are a faster runner, make sure it will be fast enough for you as some machines have a maximum speed limit of 10mph.

Elliptical trainers
These don’t take up as much room as treadmills, and allow a great workout for your whole body in a relatively short space. It is possible to purchase an elliptical trainer for under $100, with more expensive machines costing in excess of $1000. Check that you will be within the weight limit for the machine you choose, and that it is stable when you use it. Most elliptical trainers sold for home use have a shorter stride than the commercial machines you may be used to at the gym, so make sure the stride length will be comfortable for you.

Elliptical trainers usually allow you to increase the resistance level so that you can make your workouts harder, and, like treadmills, may also come with different workout options. Some machines have an incline function which simulates walking or running uphill, which can add an extra dimension to your workout.

Stationary cycles
These are usually available as traditional upright cycles, or as a recumbent bike, which you use in a reclining position. Fans of recumbent bikes state that the position makes you less susceptible to the back and leg strain using a traditional bike can cause; it is a good idea to try out a few different types to determine which is more comfortable for you.

Stationary cycles generally allow you to increase resistance levels and select a preprogrammed workout. Make sure that the cycle feels comfortable to use and the position of the seat and pedals can be adjusted to your requirements. Stationary cycles are generally among the most compact of home exercise equipment, and many can be folded for storage.

Indoor rowing machines
Rowing provides a good workout for the whole body, and indoor rowing machines are becoming increasingly sophisticated. It is possible to pay from around $100 for a basic machine to upwards of $1000 for a machine which will allow you to set a range of different workout options and challenge other users online.

Rowing machines can take up quite a bit of space due to the rowing track, although many models will fold up after use. Make sure that the seat and handle are sturdy enough and that the movement of both feels smooth and comfortable. If you are a regular rower, you may need to ensure that the level of resistance will be enough to deliver a sufficiently challenging workout. The model you choose will be dependent on the features you will need, for instance do you just want a basic machine which allows you to row, or do you want to be able to select different options, such as games, challenges or racing a pace boat.

Weight training is an anaerobic exercise, and is ideal for strengthening and toning the muscles. As muscle mass requires more calories, weight training can help you to burn fat.

Weights are generally available as either weight machines targeting specific areas of the body, or free weights including dumbbells or kettle bells. The type of weight equipment you choose will generally depend on your budget and the space you have available.

Weight training machines are generally safer and easier to use than free weights. However, they can take up quite a lot of space and tend to be more expensive, although it is possible to buy home gym systems which allow several different weight training exercises to be preformed in a relatively compact space. Make sure that the resistance level will be high enough for your needs, and that the range of exercises offered will match your exercise goals.

Free weights are generally cheaper to buy, fairly versatile and easier to store. They are not as easy to use and the risk of injury may be greater than using a machine. When selecting your free weights, make sure that they will be heavy enough to provide you with a good enough workout and that you know how to use them safely.

Educating yourself about the right home exercise equipment will help you achieve better health and fitness at home.


weight loss

The 10 Minute Trainer

weight loss

There’s a lot to be said for what can be accomplished in 10 minutes. But a workout? Has a successful system ever been done in 10 minutes? Now it has! With Tony Horton’s impressive 10 Minute Trainer, you can have your body (and life) transformed in only 10 minutes a day – and we can all find 10 minutes to spare no matter how busy our days are.

The results in weight loss and health benefits are worth it. Not knowing what to do and not being able to squeeze one more thing to do into an overloaded schedule is the reason that many people – from A list celebrities to stay-at-home moms, from working dads to college students – say is the reason why they’re overweight and out of shape.

The 10 Minute Trainer can take even the busiest life and show you how to squeeze in the time it takes to treat your body well. Anyone can take advantage of this program and get in better shape.

This system uses exercise routines created to maximize a weight loss and body toning workout. It’s found in the quality of the workout rather than in the length of time. This is accomplished by combining the exercises while toning at the same time, so you get an all in one program that really works.

The DVDs in the program cover various moves like lunges as part of a great cardio workout that waves goodbye to the inches you don’t want. The focus is on the exercises, so those who don’t like dance style exercise videos will really appreciate these.

The 10 Minute Trainer comes with four workouts total – and each one can be accomplished in 10 minutes. You get the workout that focuses on working your whole body, a workout that focuses on the bottom half of the body (so you can really tone your backside) and you get a routine that burns calories fast. The last exercise teaches exercise mobility with Yoga in a routine called Yoga Flex.

Adding to the power of these workouts, you receive resistance bands along with the set. There’s a calendar too, so it’s easier for keeping up with your exercise schedule. What’s extremely handy is the included meal guide that teaches how to create healthy, weight loss friendly meals in a snap.

The 10 Minute Trainer also gives some extra goodies in the form of exercises that address stomachs that protrude over belt tops (also known as muffin tops). Another extra included is the set of cards that you can take with you so that even if you don’t happen to have a way to watch the DVDs, you can still get your 10 minutes in.

weight loss

Lose one pound a week

Exercise workouts for beginners are a great way to achieve better health and fitness and start losing weight.  If you have never worked out before, or if you have been avoiding exercise for years, you’ll want to start very slowly to avoid injury.

First things first; be sure to check with your doctor to be sure exercise is safe for you. Once that’s done, consider what kind of exercise would be best for you:

Beginner Exercise Workout – Walking

Walking is a popular beginner workout because it’s very low-impact and you can go at your own pace. You can do it virtually anywhere, alone or with a friend. You can even do it inside if you have a treadmill or belong to a gym. Most beginners start by walking one mile daily, and gradually increasing their speed and distance once they get strong enough. Be sure to warm up by walking slowly for the first 5 minutes, then increase your speed until you are walking briskly. Stay at that pace through most of the mile, then slow your pace again for the last 5 minutes to cool down. Afterwards, gently stretch your legs, arms, and back.

Beginner Exercise Workout – Strength Training

Walking is a great cardiovascular exercise for beginners, and strength training is a great way to tone and strengthen your muscles. Most beginners will want to start with light dumbbell weights; 1-pound weights are good, but you can even start with 3-pound weights if you’re strong enough. Strength training workouts are exactly what they sound like, you lift the weights in various positions to strengthen your muscles. Here is a common strength training move:

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, and holding one dumbbell in each hand, slowly raise your arms out to the sides, coming up to shoulder height, and with the backs of your hands facing up toward the ceiling. Then lower your arms slowly back to your sides, and repeat. Ten repetitions of this move is a good start for beginners.

There are many more strength training exercises than I can describe in this article; your best bet is to join a class or buy a DVD that will demonstrate how to safely perform strength training exercises.

Beginner Exercise Workout – Swimming

Swimming is unique because it’s really a cardio workout and a strength training workout in one! As you swim laps, you are using your arms and legs to move through the water, which provides resistance to strengthen your muscles and gets your heart rate up at the same time. If you don’t have a pool of your own, you might consider joining a gym with a pool. Another option is to find out if there is a YMCA or YWCA near you; their memberships are reasonably priced and most of them have a pool for public use. Some of them even hold water aerobic classes you could participate in.

There are many more exercise workouts for beginners available – dance classes, aerobic classes, various exercise machines and more. Think about the kinds of exercise that appeal to you most, and go from there.

Adding these simple exercise programs to your weight loss plan will keep you making progress to Lose one pound a week or more.

Lose one pound a week

The Best Exercise To Get In Shape Fast

To get in shape fast, you obviously need to exercise a lot, right? Right – but there are ways to do it that are better than others, especially if you’re just getting started.

First and foremost, be sure your doctor says it’s okay for you to start exercising. There are health conditions and medications that may limit your ability to exercise and you want to be sure you aren’t putting your health at risk by doing so.

Once you’ve gotten the green light from your doctor, consider what your fitness goals are. Do you want to burn calories and lose fat, tone or build muscles – or all of the above?

Cardio workouts like running, brisk walking, bicycling, and aerobics are great for boosting metabolism, improving cardiovascular fitness, and burning fat. Resistance exercises like weight training are great for building lean muscle, improving balance and strengthening your body overall.

To get in shape quick, ideally you will want to include a bit of both kinds of exercise, but if you have clear goals that would be served by one or the other, you can devote more of your time to that one. How much time? Experts often recommend beginners to start with 30 minutes of exercise, 3 times per week. If you want to get in shape quick you may need to bump that up a bit, but do it carefully so you don’t get hurt.

Trying to exercise for one, two or three hours at a time will most likely be too much for you at first. However, if you split that time up into smaller segments that you can do several times a day, it’s much easier.

If your schedule permits it, you might perform three to four 30 minute workouts each day. Or do two workout sessions, and then get into the habit of including more exercise into the rest of your day, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

One final thing to keep in mind: the temptation might be there to push yourself extra hard so you can make faster progress, but it’s not a good idea to push harder than your body can stand. If you start to feel any kind of pain or strain, you’re probably doing too much.

The good news is that with just a little bit of effort and determination, it’s easy to get in shape fast – and once you do, you’ll be less likely to go back to your old couch potato habits.