The Best Christmas Weight Loss Tips- Part 2

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The holidays are approaching and a common concern is how to avoid or control weight gain during the holidays and still enjoy yourself.

The following are  helpful Christmas weight loss tips that will keep you on track with your eating during the holiday season.

 In part one of the best christmas weight loss tips we covered the importance of eating a healthy breakfast, adding more fiber to your diet, staying hydrated, avoiding “pig out syndrome”, and eating smaller portions.

The following are 5 more powerful Christmas weight loss tips:

Christmas weight loss Tip #6 – Skip Second Helpings

Whether you are eating at home, in a restaurant, or at a party, make a commitment that you will not go back for seconds at any time. People rarely take second helpings because they are still hungry. More often than not it’s because the food tastes so good that they don’t want to stop eating yet. Needless to say, this practice is a good way to ingest many more calories than you actually need.

Christmas weight loss Tip #7 – Treat Yourself

Don’t try to be “perfect” with your eating habits during the holidays – that always backfires and leads to a binge! Instead, strive to do your best by eating healthy but also allow yourself a few treats here and there. Eating one small slice of pie is not going to ruin your weight loss goals. Be responsible about the choices you make, but don’t expect yourself to shun all of the goodies, either.

Christmas Weight Loss Tip #8 – Work It Off

When you do indulge a little bit, do what you can to minimize the impact of the extra calories. Spend a little extra time in the gym or working out at home for the next several days. Either extend the length of your workout or the level of intensity, or both. It’s an easy way to help burn off the extra calories. You can even do this in advance – for example, if you have a company Christmas party on Friday night and you know you’ll want to enjoy some of your favorite holiday foods, ramp up your workout routine during the preceding week, as well as the week after the party.

Christmas Weight Loss Tip #9 – Healthy Potluck

Rather than relying on others to prepare healthier holiday meals, why not contribute your own? Whip up some low calorie, low fat dishes and bring them to family dinners, parties, and other gatherings. When it’s time to eat, be sure to have a generous helping of your own dish, and then sample small amounts of the others with more calories.

Christmas Weight Loss Tip #10 – Be in High Spirits

Do the holidays often get you down? If you have a tendency to be depressed or irritable during the Christmas season, you’ll be much more likely to overeat to try and comfort yourself. Instead, make time for self-care as often as possible. Nurture yourself from within and you’ll find that you are much less interested in self-medicating with food.

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The Best Christmas Weight Loss Tips

weight loss

Some people might say that trying to lose weight during the Christmas season is crazy, but it’s definitely not impossible if you just apply some common sense strategies.

The following is a collection of the best” Christmas weight loss tips:

Christmas weight loss Tip #1 – Always Eat Breakfast

If you don’t eat all day and then attend a party or dinner, you’re much more likely to overdo it on calories as you try to eat everything in sight. Instead, start each day with a healthy, low-calorie breakfast. A small bowl of oatmeal with a serving of fruit and low fat milk is a great choice, or half of a whole grain bagel with an egg and a side of fruit.

Think two things for staying satisfied longer: protein and fiber.

Christmas weight loss Tip #2 – Fill Up On Fiber

Fiber plays a big role in helping your digestive system work efficiently, and it can also help you avoid big spikes in your blood glucose levels. When you attend Christmas dinners and parties, go for the vegetables and whole grains before eating any simple carbohydrates (sugar, white flour, potatoes). The fiber content will help reduce the impact on your blood sugar and help you control hunger better. Add some lean protein to your fiber foods and you’ve got a winning combination that can help you easily keep your eating under control.

Christmas weight loss Tip #3 – Water Down Alcohol

Make a commitment that you will drink one glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume at a party. This will help you avoid drinking too much, consuming too many liquid calories, and dealing with the dehydration hangover the next day. It may also keep you alive and out of jail.

Christmas weight loss Tip #4 – No Pigging Out

Reward yourself, but keep in mind that the holidays do not come with a license to pig out and eat vast quantities of food. It is okay to indulge in a few treats throughout the season, but make a promise to yourself that you will consume in moderation.

Christmas Weight Loss Tip #5 – Big Eyes, Little Stomach

Avoid making your plate look like you are in the all you can eat line at a Vegas restaurant. You probably will not actually eat all the food you put on your plate and may end up feeling miscerable later. Instead, take only half as much food as you think you will be able to eat or just a small spoonful of everything you want to try.

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