How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Avoiding weight gain during the holidays is a concern of anyone trying to lose weight or maintain their weight loss success achieved during the year.

Weight gain during the holidays seems almost inevitable when you consider the influencing factors at play: being busier and more stressed than you normally are, gathering together with loved ones and friends for celebrations, and plenty of temptations in the form of delicious, high calorie foods and beverages.

The key is to plan ahead and keep the following helpful strategies in mind:

Create a Deficit

It is not realistic to believe that you’ll be able to stick like glue to a diet plan when you’re repeatedly faced with so many temptations.  Rather than trying to resist all of them, why not create a healthy balance that allows you to indulge a little bit while still making progress on your weight loss goals?

One way to do this is by creating a calorie deficit most days, so you have a little wiggle room on the days when you have to attend a holiday party. 

Start each morning with a healthy, low-calorie, high-fiber meal.  Low sugar fruit like berries and grapefruit are good choices, as well as low-fat protein sources like cottage cheese, yogurt, or egg white omelets (toss some healthy veggies in there too, like spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, and onions).  For lunches, enjoy light salads with lean protein (a grilled chicken salad is a great choice) and low-fat dressing.  Dinners can include more lean protein like fish, along with small servings of whole grains and still more high-fiber vegetables.

Drink a large glass of water before each meal so you eat fewer calories and add to the calorie deficit even more.  Increasing the length and/or intensity of your workout routines each day can also help you burn more calories so you can eat more calories later in the week.

Save Treats for the Parties

If you normally include a few treats in your eating plan during the week, cut those out or reduce the quantity you eat, and that will allow a bit more room for indulging during the upcoming parties and gatherings you will be attending. 

Prioritize Your Treats

Weight gain during the holidays is the result of overindulging repeatedly, but you don’t have to do that.  When you attend parties and gatherings, do not view them as opportunities to gorge yourself.  Instead, look at all of the foods available and decide which of them appeals to you most. 

You don’t have to eat everything – just pick a few that you really want to try, and have small servings of those. 

Focus on the Festivities

After you’ve enjoyed your treats, move away from the food and spend time enjoying the festivities.  Holiday celebrations are not all about the food!  Get involved in discussions and party games.  Introduce yourself to new people, and catch up with people you don’t see that often.  Remind yourself that there are endless ways to enjoy yourself beyond eating.

You can avoid weight gain during the holidays by keeping your habits in balance.

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Healthy Eating Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

During the holiday season we all need healthy eating tips to avoid holiday weight gain.  Many people are tempted to ditch their diet and start fresh in the New Year.  It’s no surprise; after all, who can stick to a diet when faced with so many temptations?  Dumping your diet completely is never a good idea, simply because it’s all too easy to gain several pounds and add that much more stress to your New Year Diet Resolution.

Instead, you may be interested in learning about a very simple trick that can help you avoid holiday weight gain by not overeating during the holiday season. This will still allow you to eat and enjoy yourself.  Read on for one of the most powerful holiday eating tips to keep you on track:

If you had to guess the number-one thing that makes people gain weight during the holiday season, what would you say?  Eating too many goodies?  Drinking too much eggnog and liquor?  Eating too much candy?  Eating big meals loaded with fat and calories?  All of these would be correct answers, but they all boil down to one thing: eating more food than your body really needs.

Here’s the powerful holiday eating tip that can help you avoid doing this:  THINK BEFORE YOU EAT SOMETHING.  “Mindless eating” (and drinking) is the number-one reason why people gain weight during the holidays.  It’s not because they had one slice of pie after dinner.  It’s because they eat practically non-stop between Thanksgiving and New Year.  A handful of candy here, a turkey drumstick there, 4 cups of spiked eggnog here, a plate full of cookies there…

Nip this habit in the bud and you will conquer your holiday weight-gain habit.  Before you put anything into your mouth, pause and ask yourself, “Am I really hungry right now?  Do I need to eat this?”  If the answer is yes, go ahead and have a modest portion.  If the answer is no, don’t eat it. 

If this makes you feel deprived, consider that you can have something to eat later when you feel hungry.  Saying “no thanks” doesn’t have to mean forever, just for the moment.

Believe it or not, just mastering this one little technique can help you effortlessly keep your weight under control while also allowing you to enjoy a few choice treats throughout the season.  

Try this simple healthy eating tip for avoiding holiday weight gain as well as weight gain throughout the year.