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New Strategies For Cutting Calories For Weight Loss

If you are serious about losing one pound a week or have just ran out of ways to cut calories, then take a look at this new post at regarding simple ways to shave 250 calories per day:

Weight Loss Hypnosis

weight loss

Free weight loss Hypnosis For Everyone From The Famous Harley Street in London

London, England – A leading media fitness and diet expert has teamed up with one of Harley Street’s leading Hypnosis / NLP therapists  Trevor Hoskisson to offer free home study weight loss hypnosis to help reduce the obesity crisis across the world.

weight loss Mind Power For Life is a groundbreaking new eight day weight loss hypnosis and NLP system that focuses on dealing with the 8 key problem areas of people who struggle to lose weight…

  • Sleep
  • Motivation Mindset
  • Focus
  • Comfort Eating
  • Motivation To Exercise
  • Eating Habits
  • Emotional Eating
  • Stress

By approaching each of these areas and then concentrating on the ones which resonate with the user most, those with weight problems can significantly change their habits by tapping into the subconscious mind.

Simon says: “Hypnosis is quite misunderstood due to ‘on stage’ entertainment, and that’s why it’s important to educate about the huge benefits that hypnosis can have on somebody that wants to lose weight. A lot of the time people yo-yo diet again and again and they repeat the cycle because their habits have been hard wired. That can be changed”.

Those looking to get started with weight loss hypnosis can get started by watching the free video at and then entering their details to claim their first free hypnosis session ‘Super Sleep’.

“We decided to give away the sleep session because it’s such a common problem related to weight loss and not many people realise it” added Simon.

weight loss