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hCG Diet Plan To Lose One Pound A Week

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The HCG Diet may be the most popular diet of the moment and with good reason. If you are
driving in your car, you might pass several signs advertising HCG weight loss. Or you might
hear an ad on the radio or television. It seems like it’s everywhere.

This diet is a bit controversial, due to the use of a hormone, and because of the low calorie
restrictions. The HCG diet requires both the HCG supplement and specific types of food. Let’s
take a look at how it all is supposed to work, so that you can make a more educated decision.

Typically, this diet is done for a period of 3 weeks and it may be monitored by a health care
professional. If you do the diet with the help of a weight loss clinic, you might opt for
injections or drops. If you do the diet yourself from home, you’ll be using homeopathic drops.

HCG stands for ‘Human Chorionic Gonadotropin’, a hormone that is present during the early
phases of pregnancy. The benefit for its use in weight loss? The HCG hormone in a pregnant woman stimulates the body to mobilize and burn extra fat cells for the increased energy demands.

Dr. Simeon, the diet’s creator, found that HCG can temporarily stimulate the body to burn fat cells, while on a very low calorie diet (VLCD). This fat burning effect was found to work for both women and men at his weight loss clinic in Italy.

HCG Diet Basics

The basics of the HCG diet are an extreme reduction in calories (either 500 or 750 per day) –
by eating lean protein, lots of vegetables- and daily use of HCG. Yes, this sounds
extreme, until you understand fully how the diet works. Someone doing the diet correctly
can burn upwards of 3000 calories per day from fat stored on their body! The HCG drops,
combined with the specific foods and portions, are the catalyst for the fat burning.

Homeopathic oral drops are readily available online, and may cost as little as $50. Be
careful to buy from a reputable website or supplier so that the drops are fresh and potent.

The recommended foods for the HCG diet include: fish, turkey, chicken, beef, celery,
asparagus, spinach, tomatoes, onions, strawberries, grapefruit, oranges, apples, cantaloupe,
blackberries and coffee or tea. You may also have limited quantities of melba toast or ’35 calorie wheat bread’, found at most grocery stores.

Exercise is actually discouraged while on the diet, because it will increase your hunger far
too much for the calorie intake. You can take walks, but nothing too strenous. Of course, you
want to exercise before and after the diet.

For the best possible chance of success with the HCG diet, it’s important to understand what to eat, when to eat it…and why. There are numerous books and ebooks available that will explain the phases of the HCG diet, how to prepare for the diet and how to choose your meals.

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hCG Diet Plan-Lose One Pound A Week

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A Closer Look at the HCG Diet


In the first two days of the HCG diet, the dieter enters a ‘loading phase’ where they are

allowed to eat excessively, with a focus on high fat foods, such as butter. The HCG drops are

to be taken while loading.  The goal of the fatty food is to kick start the availability of

fat in the system that is immediately available to burn.


On the 3rd day, a strict adherence to the low calorie diet begins. One can choose the

traditional 500 calorie plan, or the modified 750 calorie plan.


Forbidden foods include sugar and fat. Carbohydrates are also very restricted.


Here is an example of a typical 750 calorie day:


Breakfast:  one egg and a serving of fruit


Lunch:  5 ounces of lean meat, poultry, or fish; two cups of vegetables; melba toast


Dinner: 5 ounces of lean meat, two cups of vegetables, one serving of fruit


It’s a good idea to take a potassium supplement and a B-12 supplement while on the diet. No

products containing fatty substances like mineral oil or almond oil may be used.  This

includes cosmetic products as well, according to Dr. Simeon’s original plan.


What are the costs of the HCG Diet?


If you choose to go to a clinic for the injections, you can expect to pay $1500 or more,

depending on the length of the treatment. The lower cost alternative, getting much attention

lately, are the HCG homeopathic drops. Drops can be ordered from numerous sources online or they can be purchased locally. The cost is between $50 and $150, depending on the supplier.


There are, of course, “accessories” that can be purchased such as:  recipe guides, books, and

meal plans. Knowing how to do the plan correctly is the key, so make sure you get all of your

information and recipes before you begin.


What Do Proponents of the HCG Diet Say?


? The HCG diet will do exactly what it promises –  fast, dramatic weight loss

? No expensive diet foods to buy. Use regular food items from your grocery store.

? Most report that the weight does not come back, after the conclusion of the diet.

? The diet can be repeated every couple of months, as needed, until target weight is attained

? The alternative medicine community widely recommends and embraces this weight loss method


What Do Opponents of the HCG Diet Say?


? Doing the diet correctly is too complicated

? 500 calories or even 750 calories per day? Some medical experts say it’s not safe.

? The FDA has not formally approved HCG for weight loss

? Some reported side effects are restlessness, muscle cramps, headaches, depression

? HCG injections will hide tumor markers, thus delaying the detection of cancers



Should You Try It?


One of the pluses is that the HCG diet is done for only a limited time; usually 3-4 weeks

is the accepted length.  There are plenty of testimonials on the internet and in magazines and billboards from people who have indeed lost weight on the HCG diet. And yes, there are also complaints about the diet.


HCG for weight loss is not considered safe by some traditional doctors and medical

professionals. Their main objection is the very low calorie part of the diet. Numerous alternative medicine doctors, on the other hand, feel that the diet is safe, when done correctly.


Any low carb diet such as the Atkins Diet or South Beach Diet, and certainly the HCG Diet,

works on burning fat for energy rather than glucose. If the body is in ketosis, it will use

fatty acids rather than glucose for energy.  There is some debate in the medical community

as to the benefits of ketosis.


If you have any questions about whether or not the HCG Diet is right for you, consult your

doctor or health care professional.  You WILL lose weight on the HCG Diet and you will lose

it fast.  You will have to determine whether or not it is right for your situation and health condition.



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How To Drop A Few Pounds Fast

It doesn’t matter if summer is fast approaching or it’s getting towards the end of the year, if you are like many other people, you are starting to think about losing weight. And losing weight fast. There are some things you can do to drop a few pounds in a short amount of time and do it safely.

None of those crazy soup or celery or lemon juice diets. Those do work, but what a cost you have to pay for releasing a couple of pounds. And the worst part is that when you go back to regular eating after lemon juice for 10 days, the weight seems to miraculously reappear all by itself.

But if you want to do some small modifications in how you eat; changes that you can live with and keep going with after your initial weight loss, then listen up because here a few good tips for you.

Tip #1 – Pay Attention

There’s a reason why many famous dieting programs have you keep a food journal of everything you eat. When you pay attention and write down every single thing you eat, whether it’s a snack or a breakfast bar or even a stalk of celery, you tend to eat less.

Could be because the thought of having to keep track of each bite makes people want to eat less because it’s a pain to write it all down. But more likely it’s because your brain begins to think to itself “Hmm, am I really hungry enough to eat this and then write in my food diary?” Many times, the answer to that is “No” and you wind up eating a lot less food.

This journaling idea works in a lot of self-improvement areas, not just dieting, but when it comes to food, it really helps you pay attention to what you are doing. And being mindful about how you are treating your body and your health is a very good step in the direction of feeling better and losing weight.

Another great tip has to do with the idea that less is more.

Cut it down.

One of the largest amounts of caloric intake comes from the consumption of fats. Of course, this is not the case 100 percent of the time for 100 percent of the people. But if you live in a place that has a diet similar to the Standard American Diet, which is very high in animal fats and saturated and hydrogenated fats, you are eating a lot of calories from fats.

The fats themselves contain a high amount of calories per unit measurement. Basically if you took a teaspoon of a carbohydrate and a teaspoon, the fat would have more than twice as many calories in it.

Fats contribute to the taste and the mouth feel of food and this is a big reason why they are so popular. Problem is along with twice as many calories, they don’t metabolize as cleanly as many carbohydrates and you are left with the results hanging around your waist.

If you like butter on your toast in the morning, put only half the amount on that you usually do. Use only half the amount of oil when you are cooking on the stove. Try something like one of those cooking sprays. Your food will still cook nicely and will slide out of the pan, but the amount of oil you will have added is almost non-existent.

Bake your potatoes instead of frying them. Boil your eggs instead of scambling them with a tablespoon of butter. Do just a couple things like this and you will amazingly find that you are ingesting nowhere near the amount of calories that you did before.

The truth is, it doesn’t take a lot of doing to change some dietary habits. And when you make those changes in your lifestyle you will be well on your way to losing some weight quickly in a safe, easy to sustain way.

How To Lose Weight Quick Tips

So you’re going to lose some weight and you are looking around online to find some tips that will help you do that in a quick healthy way. That’s actually a great idea because there is a huge amount of information on the internet about rapid weight loss.

Some works pretty well and some not so well.  Whatever tips you decide to follow, make sure you get the advice of a doctor before you start on anything. It is always a good idea to talk to him/her first so they can help you out with any misconceptions you might have about how to lose weight in a healthy way.

There are a ton of different ideas you can choose from, but you want to make sure that the ideas you decide to implement are going to be ones that will help you instead of hurting you. No point in trying to lose a few pounds by doing something that is really going to hurt you health wise.

Take a look at these couple of tips and they might get you started in the right direction for releasing weight and learning to keep it off.

Eat More Protein

Many times, in our modern microwave world, people eat a lot, but they simply do not get the right amount of protein in their diet. This does not mean that you need to go all the way over to the dark side and start hunting for meat on the hoof in your local park. But it does mean that your health and weight could improve if you simply added some healthy protein into your diet

Try something easy and that is available everywhere like tuna fish. This tried and true staple of American homes is a great source of lean protein, especially if you get the kind that is packed in water. True enough, if you decide you are going to live on this as your sole source of nutrition you might have a few other issues. But for the most part if you eat tuna for one of your meals every other day or so, your body will thank you for letting go of all those extra pounds it was carrying around for you.

Lift More Weight

Lifting weights is one of those exercise ideas that is often misunderstood. For some reason, the thought of lifting weights brings to mind pictures of enormous biceps, popping out with veins all over. Truth is, lifting weights; even light weights, can be a great idea for someone who wants to lose some weight fast.

To start with, you really only need a couple of very light weights. Something in the 3 or 5 pound range. And you only need to do a few repetitions of any exercise. It is perfectly OK to start with a simple exercise like a curl. This is where you pick up the weight and bend your arm at the elbow so that you move the weight up towards your shoulder. Then move it back down.

You can do this standing or sitting, and to start with just do a few repetitions with each arm, no more than 5 or 10 times. That’s it. You don’t want to be sore, you just want to help your body burn some fat and get healthier.

These couple of ideas are great starting tips. Eventually, you might need to increase the amount of weight you use and the number of times you lift it. But for today, this is a good place to start to begin to burn off some extra calories and lose some weight quick.

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The world is just too busy. And your life, well forget about it, there’s just no time in the day when you can manage to squeeze a little bit of exercise for weight loss into your schedule. Someone is always calling and interrupting your exercise routine anyway. The emails are not going to answer themselves. The bills need to get paid and don’t you really deserve to spend some quality time watching television. That’s pretty harmless stuff, right? And it’s your life anyway and what right does someone have to tell me how I should be eating or exercising or doing anything for that matter.

Any of those ideas sound familiar at all?

If they do not, count yourself lucky. Because thoughts like these seem to appear out of thin air just when you decide to start an exercise program to lose some weight. It is almost like there is a hidden force in their minds that jumps right out in front to prevent them from starting an exercise program.

Of course, exercise helps you lose weight. The amount of weight you are going to lose depends on the type of exercise you do and the amount and the intensity. But for sure, if you increase the amount of physical exercising you are doing, you are going to burn more calories and that is a good way to drop some pounds.

Now, if you eat more than you did before with the rationalization that since you are working out you can eat more, you are probably not going to lose any weight at all. But in general if you exercise more and eat less, some weight is going to vanish into thin air.

Exercise contributes to the amount of fat loss you can experience. How hard you work out and how long your exercise periods are for can really influence the amount of calories you burn and the amount of pounds you lose. For instance if you investigate interval training on the internet you will find out that short bursts of high energy exercise are good for burning fat.

Long slow exercise like walking or jogging is also good for weight loss, but probably not at the same rate that you would release weight with interval training. There are even some interval training regimens that have you working out really hard for only 10 seconds and then resting for 10 seconds.

This kind of exercise can really get your heart pumping and astonishingly you will only need to do this for a couple of weeks to see real changes in your physique.

For sure, you will want to consult a medical professional before starting this kind of intense physical training. It is one thing to want to lose weight and quote another to work out so hard that you develop some other kind of physical issue. That is not the kind of change you need.

Starting a new physical workout schedule is the kind of thing that will really change the way you look and feel. You will also find that your entire mood change. You feel better, you feel more alive and you will feel the kind of happiness that comes from knowing you are doing something good for yourself.

Increased energy, increased happiness and decreased weight; those sound like terrific reasons to start an exercise program to lose weight as soon as you can. No reason to delay all those benefits and once you start you will never want to go back to the way you were.

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