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Eliminating Confusion About Phase 1 Of The hCG Diet

There is some confusion about phase 1 of the hCG diet plan, due to the difference between Dr. Simeon’s diet plan and that recommended by Kevin Trudeau.

Kevin Trudeau added a phase to the diet plan that included a body cleanse.  So, Trudeau’s hCG Phase 1 is cleansing and Phase 2 begins with eating a diet high in calories for a couple of days and then beginning the hCG injections or drops and eating a highly restrictive calorie diet for 20 to 40 days.

hCG Phase 1, according to Trudeau, has the purpose of cleansing impurities from the body and prepares it to better accept the remainder of the plan which follows Dr. Simeons’ protocol.

Phase 1 of Dr. Simeons’ original plan begins with the intake of high calorie foods so the metabolism will be primed for Phase 2—low calorie diet and hCG hormones.

It’s up to you which plan to follow and which you feel the most comfortable with. Both hCG protocols should help you to achieve optimal weight loss.

Simeons’ hCG Phase 1 proceeds as follows:

Day 1 and 2:

Consumption of high calorie foods especially high fat foods.  There is no menu for this portion of the diet plan, but eating creams, sauces, pasta, avacados and other foods high in fat calories is recommended.

Day 3:

This day begins Phase 2 of Simeons’ protocol. You’ll start a highly restrictive, 500 calorie per day diet, eating the portions and types of foods as outlined in Simeons’ protocol. Also on day 3, you’ll begin taking 125 i.u. per day of the hCG hormone in injection or the oral drops. Injections are only given once per day, but the oral drops and pills may need to be taken more often, depending on the strength of the hCG.

Continue with the restrictive diet and hCG hormone plan for 21 to 45 days depending on how much weight you need to lose. When you have finished using the hormones you will continue on the low calorie diet for another 3 days.

Phase 3 is the maintenance phase and lets you begin adding other foods to the diet, but you should still restrict your calories and eat fat free foods. Phase 3 also involves maintaining your weight loss. You should also find that you are no longer craving high calorie foods.

Trudeau simply added another phase (cleansing) to the hCG diet protocol. Phase 2 of Simeons’ plan is the most important  and will reset your metabolism to continue burning unwanted calories.

It should not matter which hcG protocol you elect to follow as long as you are committed to achieving optimal weight loss.

What Is The Protocol For hCG Diet

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The hCG diet utilizes the hormone human chorionic gonadotrophin in the form of drops under the tongue (sublingual) or injections.

The hCG protocol for losing weight has been around for over 30 years and is like no other diet plan you’ve ever followed. The difference in this diet plan and the others is that this one really works at helping you get the weight off.

Following the diet plan and the hormone regime will reset your metabolism so that it keeps burning fat calories even when the diet ends. There are claims that the drops and injections are equally effective for weight loss.

Following the hCG protocol requires using  hCG hormone injections or oral drops.  You will complete three diet phases designed to jump start your metabolism. Previous users of the hCG hormone claim that it suppresses your appetite, so that it is easier to stick with the 500 calories per day diet that is required to achieve effective weight loss.

Dr. Simeon’s hCG protocol recommends the injections over the drops and the hCG diet plan will be much more restrictive. Kevin Trudeau, who wrote the controversial book about hCG, entitled, “The weight loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About,” suggests adding vitamin supplements to the regimen as well as using certain spices to make the diet more tolerable.

If you are reluctant to take injections then the drops are your best option and has been claimed to be as effective as the injections for achieving weight loss.  As for the hCG diet plan that accompanies the injections or drops, Trudeau’s method of spicing up the flavor of the meat, vegetables and fruit will help you stick to the diet plan.

You may also choose to get hCG injections  from your doctor, but that’s an expensive solution to the hCG protocol. A doctor could also give you a prescription for the shots or you could order them from an online supplier. If you choose to order online then do your research and make sure the hormone you are getting is the real thing and the company is reputable.

One factor in the hCG protocol for weight loss is that no or very little exercise is recommended or required. During the 500-calorie per day diet, your body will become weak from the shock of so few calories to keep it going, so on those days you should rest and conserve your energy.

Previous users of the hCG diet plan claim their energy levels return  and frequently increase over what they experienced prior to taking the hCG hormone. Other side effects that some experience are headaches, irritability, tender muscles, bloating and water retention. These side effects aren’t experienced by most people and tend to go away after a few days.

If you want a fast, reliable weight loss plan that will reset your metabolism and burn fat calories even after you stop the hCG protocol, then the hCG diet plan may be just what you are looking for.

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hCG diet drops have become the new weight loss phenomenon in today’s world where everyone is trying to lose those nagging pounds they can’t seem to get rid of no matter which diet they choose or which exercise program they adopt.

The strange caveat about this diet phenomenon is that hGC (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) has been around for years. It’s naturally produced in pregnant women to enhance the development of the fetus. Back in the 1950s, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons began to do research with obese women and boys and found that the hCG hormone actually stimulates the hypothalamus gland, which regulates the metabolism and keeps rein on triggers such as cravings that cause us to overeat.

We’re all born with hCG hormone levels, but as we go through life, chemicals in the food we eat and other diet factors cause the levels to decrease until finally, we’re left with inactive cells that contain the hormone. This situation does us no good at all when we’re trying to lose weight.

hCG hormone injections worked to increase hCG levels, but had to be administered by a doctor – and this was an expensive process. Many doctors also knew little about the diet plan that must accompany the injections to be successful. As a result, these injections were seldom used on patients to help them lose weight.

The hCG hormone and diet plan came to prominence after Kevin Trudeau, a controversial consumer activist, began his own research based on the findings of Dr. Simeons, and lost a ton of weight on the plan. People were clamoring for the hCG hormone, but didn’t want to give themselves injections or go the expensive route of having it done by a doctor.

A synthetic form of the hCG hormone was developed, which made way for the creation of hCG diet drops. These drops can be placed sublingually under the tongue and provides the same benefits as the injections.

The hCG diet drops are less expensive, safe and easy to use — and their effectiveness in shedding pounds from your body has been proven time and again. If you follow Simeons’ weight loss plan, you’ll pair the hCG diet drops with the strict diet that he recommends.

Simeons’ hCG diet plan consists of a variety of healthy foods from all food groups. You’re only allowed 500 calories during a certain amount of time during the plan, but you’re taking the hCG diet drops at the same time, so most of your hunger and cravings are curtailed.

Your metabolism will also be working more effectively, so fat cells that you’ve stored for many years will gradually break down and be flushed from your system by all the water you’re drinking.

Unlike most weight loss supplements, hCG diet drops give you immediate results. Plus, followers of the plan report that their skin becomes tauter and their muscles become more toned. Research hCG diet drops for yourself to find out if this plan might be the one you’ve been hoping for.

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What Are The Phases Of The hCG Diet Plan

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The hCG weight loss diet plan isn’t like any other diet you’ve ever tried. It isn’t a fly-by-night plan that’s going to make you purchase aids such as pre-packaged food or special equipment for exercising. This diet only requires that you put your body and mind through certain hCG phases designed for optimum results.

If you follow the hCG phases explicitly, you’ll reap rewards and benefits that you never thought possible. The hCG plan is based on a diet that is combined with hCG synthetic hormone injections or sublingual drops. As you’re approaching a decision to try the diet, keep in mind that you should plan to complete all the hCG phases for the best outcome and long term effects.

In the first phase of the hCG diet plan, you’ll be going through a detoxifying process designed to get your body – and your mind – ready for what’s to come. You’ll be drinking lots of water and eating very few calories.

Second of the hCG phases is the most fun part. You’ll binge on calories – eating the foods you’ve been dreaming about during the first phase. But, this phase only lasts for a couple of days. This phase probably sounds like the strangest one, but it’s specifically designed to reset your metabolism and ready your body for the third phase.

The third phase is when you begin taking hCG hormone injections or sublingual drops. As you progress, your hunger pains and cravings will subside and you’ll notice that your body is actually beginning to reshape itself.

After the third phase, the pounds you wanted to lose are a distant memory and you’re ready for the final hCG phase. The maintenance phase of the hCG diet plan guarantees that you’ll maintain your new and ideal weight, even though you’ve reached the end of the hCG doses.

This hCG technology was perfected by the late, Dr. A.T.W. Simeon over thirty years ago, but made popular with the controversial book by Kevin Trudeau, “The weight loss Cure.” In his book, Trudeau chronicles his weight loss journey with the hCG hormone injections and even inserts photos of the process.

Trudeau also explains the theory behind the “cure,” which involves the hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone that’s originally produced by cells in the placenta of a pregnant woman. Now that the hormone is synthetically produced, it can be used in this highly effective weight loss plan in the form of injections or drops inserted beneath the tongue.

The diet plan and hCG phases have evolved and been perfected since Dr. Simeon’s research back in the 1950s. It’s now recommended that you take supplements during the dieting phase, when you’re only consuming 500 calories per day.

After religiously following all hCG phases, people have testified that the results for weight loss have been absolutely amazing and that they have a new lease on life because they don’t expect to put the pounds back on.

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Can You Live With The Side Effects Of The hCG Diet

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Any diet program can cause some side effects if your body is even mildly shocked from eating new and different types of food, ingesting fewer calories or beginning a strenuous exercise program.

There may be fewer hCG side effects with this diet plan than most others because it’s composed of three phases designed to ease your system into the plan.

If you’ve researched the hCG diet plan at all, you know that its ultimate success depends on the synthetic human gonadotropin hormone. The actual hormone is produced by pregnant women and forms the foundation of a healthy pregnancy. The synthetic version was first offered in injection form, but side effects of pain, bruising and soreness was a deterrent to staying on the plan.

Now, the hCG hormone is offered in oral drops which can be safely and easily used by men and women to help lose unwanted pounds and return both body and mind to a healthy state of being. Thousands who have benefited from the weight loss results achieved by the hCG diet plan have reported that the outcome far surpassed any uncomfortable side effects.

Although hCG side effects are rare, some do occur on occasion if your body reacts negatively to the use of the hCG hormone. Most of these reactions subside within a few days. Some side effects that have been reported include headaches, especially at the beginning of the treatments. This side effect can happen in many diet plans that involve the release of toxins from the body.

Tiredness and mental fatigue can have also been reported as hCG side effects. This can occur when the hCG hormone triggers fat to move to the bloodstream so that it can be circulated and released from the system. This type of hCG side effect usually happens during the first part of the plan when the metabolism is adjusting to the change.

Other complaints associated with hCG side effects have included dry skin and leg cramps. It’s easy to understand this side effect – there’s such a small amount of fat being consumed that your body can easily become dehydrated. This complaint can be eradicated by taking supplements or some simple medications prescribed by your doctor.

Some women may worry about hCG side effects in regards to future fertility issues. Unlike other, newer diet plans, the hCG diet has been effective for many years and thousands of women have had successful results – and no side effects that could affect fertility. In fact, the hCG hormone is sometimes used to promote fertility.

Because the hCG diet plan includes a phase that is extremely low calorie – 500 calories per day for a certain amount of time – exercise should be monitored carefully. If you begin or continue with an exercise program that your body isn’t accustomed to, you could run the risk of burning more calories than are available and starving yourself.

Again, most hCG side effects have been associated with the injections and not the oral drops, so if you’re concerned about side effects of the plan, consider using the drops. There are claims that the hCG drops are just as effective as the injections.

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